We have a plant that integrates fiber collection, spinning, knitting, dyeing, full coverage ink printing, finishes, cutting and sewing, embroidery and located screenprint, quality control and packaging. All this within our 55,000 m2 that house almost 2,000 collaborators.

On the other hand, an export company like ours must be aligned with international standards of good corporate practices and social and environmental responsibility; which is why we are always constantly renewing our certifications.

Production and export aligned with international standards.

Currently, we are WRAP certified in recognition of our responsible practices, assuring our clients that they will find in us a business partner that adheres to international schemes regarding labor and social responsibility.

Based on our environmental commitment, we have GOTS certification for organic cotton, which allows us to certify that our cotton complies with organic production standards, according to the regulations of the different export destinations.

Additionally, we are BASC certified, which provides us with accreditation in the implementation of a Control and Security Management System for the continuous improvement of security systems in our export process in such a way that guarantees a transparent, safe and reliable trade for our clients.