Sustainability in its three pillars - environmental, social and economic - are axes that motivate Hialpesa. Therefore, our commitment to the world and society has allowed us to move forward as a family, as a team and as an industry.

In the social field, there are many actions that we incorporate into our practices: from supervising the well-being of our producers to economic and medical welfare programs to support our employees by offering them an adequate and comfortable space to work. We also contribute in the feeding of our workers by offering them, through an alliance with the European company SODEXO, balanced diets supervised by a staff of nutritionists who are in constant supervision.

In the field of economic responsibility, we work for the right price, we are transparent and we work based on fair standards in the production process, thus respecting our producers, collaborators and our customers.

Last but not least, we take responsibility for the environment, respecting it and the resources we get from it to make the products we need. To do this, we are implementing our water recycling system in such a way that about 70% of the water we will use in our processes is reusable water, thus contributing to the conservation of the environment.

Through these and other actions, we will continue to work in carrying out the processes that help us continue to become a green company.